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Position available at the Altelaarlab

Publication date:

August 2nd 2017

Looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow:

Improving the understanding of systemic melanoma-mediated immune suppression by plasma proteomics profiling.


In this project we aim to identify soluble factors present in melanoma patients’ plasma, that are responsible for systemic immune suppression, which hampers T cell activation upon checkpoint inhibitor treatment. In a collaborative effort with the NKI/AVL we will analyze systemic treatment naïve plasma samples by deep proteomic profiling from stage III melanoma patients that have progressed to stage IV. Changes in the profile of the identified proteins will be tested in an independent cohort of 100 melanoma patients treated with ipilimumab+nivolumab from whom we have collected baseline plasma samples.

For more information please contact Maarten Altelaar


  • Position: PostDoc
  • Location: Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Duration: 1 year with possibility for extention of an other year
  • Startdate: As soon as possible
  • Background: Experience with Proteomics Workflows, systems biology, high end proteomics, plasma is appreciated


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