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State of the art native mass spectrometry services for analysis of intact proteins and protein complexes


AbLab is the service unit that operates within the Utrecht University, providing state of the art native mass spectrometry services.

Native MS

Native mass spectrometry (native MS) allows the mass spectrometric analysis of intact proteins and protein complexes under their native folded state providing a wide range of information, such as structural information, complex stoichiometry and sample composition and purity. The key feature that makes native MS unique is the retention of molecular non-covalent interactions during the ionization process and the subsequent mass analysis. Over the years, the progressive development of this analytical technique has been pushing the limits of this technique, today allowing the measurement of large, intact protein complexes.


AbLab can provide access to analysis of protein samples using dedicated, modified (Q)-ToF mass spectrometers analysis, all providing information on the structure and composition of the native protein complexes. The presence of an Orbitrap analyzer specifically developed for intact protein analysis enables in-depth analyses of post-translational modifications (PTMs) directly at the intact protein level.


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