Software and Web Services

Software and web services we have developed in our laboratory, made available here.


XlinkX 2.0

Search engine for cross-linked spectra. Upload your fasta database and spectra and discover the identity of chemically or S-bridge linked proteins or peptides. This is an R implementation running on a local server.




Pick the best proteolytic enzyme and fragmentation method for your phosphorylation site of interest. Based on an extensive measurement of enriched phosphorylated peptides of Human Jurkat cells. This database provides a drill-down analysis from protein or phosphorylation site to single spectra. It even features a spectrum shopping cart! Check-out is free.



A tool to directly alter Mascot .dat files, using FDR statistics or manual settings. Also includes useful plotting functions and text export for PSMs and spectra.



A tool to work with quantification data, allowing for manual curation of the measurements.