Contains certain models about how communications can unfold and how you can take action to make this going your way. While I won’t go so far as to say it was completely useless, it is again one of these courses where you have to cherry-pick quite a lot (for me the interesting parts of these two days could have probably been covered within an hour). The points covered were: (1) how to best address uncomfortable topics (2) how to resolve conflicts (3) how to successfully communicate with your supervisor, etc. While certain inputs are quite valuable, I also had the impression that the course contents had to be taken with a lot of caution as the teacher sticks to the believe that all human-human interactions can be broken down to super simple psychological models that are universally valid – an approach I think is quite questionable. I think however that the course might be quite insightful for people who expierience difficulties in communication or have concrete examples in their life where communication is problematic, as the contents of the course are adjusted to the needs of the participants. And it gives some ECTS 🙂